duminică, 8 ianuarie 2017

5 life-changing innovations in the next 5 years

IBM introduces #IBM5in5 - 5 life-changing innovations that will change our lives. Most of these innovations are created around artificial intelligence, by having a great focus on the medical areas. According to this predictions, medical labs will serves as health detectives for tracing diseases at the nanoscale. This would be a great step for the medical industry, especially because early detection in any disease is crucial.
#IBM5in5: With AI, our words will be a window into our mental health

#IBM5in5: Hiperimaging and AI will give us supehero vision

#IBM5in5: Macroscopes will help us understand Earth's complexity in infinite

#IBM5in5: Medical labs ''on a cip'' will serve as health detectives for tracing disease at the nanoscale

#IBM5in5: Smart sensors will detect environmental pollution at the speed of light
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